Elections for our 2020-2021 PRSSA Officers will begin March 10. Our application process is a way to engage current or prospective members throughout the election season. Think of this as a way to share your creativity and personality – and remember to be yourself! All applications should be emailed to lgilber7@vols.utk.edu by April 15, 2020. Members will vote using an online survey to determine our soon-to-be-elected officers.

Application requirements and notices:

The deadline to apply to become a 2020-2021 PRSSA Officer is Monday, April 15 by noon. The following are the guidelines to apply to be a 2020-2021 PRSSA Officer:

  • In 350 words or less, please introduce yourself and explain why you want to be a PRSSA Officer. This will be distributed via email to all members.
  • Attach a personality or headshot photo.


  • Only PRSSA members may participate in voting for candidates.

Chapter President 

  • Motivate executive board and members through enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Preside at all membership and executive board meetings.
  • Appoint committees and advise chairs; advise members about Chapter activities.
  • Delegate responsibilities of officers and committees.
  • Direct overall Chapter operations.
  • Recommend and establish goals and objectives for the Chapter with the approval of the membership, Faculty and Professional Advisers.
  • Assist the treasurer in collecting dues and provide an accurate dues form to PRSSA Headquarters by Nov. 1 and March 1.
  • Stay in contact with the PRSSA National Committee.

Vice President

  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Perform presidential duties if the president is absent or unable to perform them.
  • Help the president coordinate and direct committee activities and Chapter operations.
  • Perform duties as delegated by the president.
  • Counsel the president by recommending goals, objectives, plans and programs.
  • Coordinate and disseminate information about the PRSA New Professionals Section and PRSA Associate Membership for graduating PRSSA members.

Public Relations Director

  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Produce the Chapter newsletter on a regular basis throughout the school year.
  • Produce and oversee the Chapter website.
  • Produce or oversee Chapter News on the national website, http://prssa.prsa.org/.
  • Post announcements for Chapter meetings throughout campus and social media channels.
  • Coordinate Chapter press releases, feature articles, advertising and brochures.
  • Handle all campus and area press issues.
  • Promote recruitment and retention with brochures, fliers and other tactics.


  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Prepare agendas with assistance by the president; handle Chapter correspondence.
  • Record and distribute the minutes of all executive board and membership meetings.
  • Maintain a record of Chapter members with school and permanent home addresses.
  • Keep the Chapter’s charter, other permanent documents and Chapter Handbook.
  • Notify PRSSA Headquarters and PRSA sponsor Chapters of changes in Chapter leaders through the Chapter Officer Form at the end of the academic year.


  • Motivate members through his or her enthusiastic attitude toward PRSSA.
  • Work with the president in preparing the annual budget.
  • Collect Chapter and national dues, with the assistance of the president, and completely and accurately prepare the PRSSA dues form.
  • Provide financial reports periodically to the Chapter membership.
  • Collect fees for any Chapter special events and fundraisers.
  • Disburse Chapter funds with proper approval.
  • Provide safekeeping for all Chapter funds and keep accurate financial records.